Bo has been making some appearances on our Facebook page and in the photos of our tables, and he seems to be a big hit so we thought we’d let you know a little more about him!

Bo is a “rescue” – he and his siblings were brought to an Ontario shelter from Quebec when he was barely old enough to eat solid food on his own. He is 1-1/2 years old, and even though he’s not the size of a puppy anymore, he has even more energy if that’s possible.


All paws and pout

“What kind of dog is he?”

I get a lot of questions about Bo’s breed – the truth is we don’t really know! Originally we were told he could be a boxer lab cross, but then he started growing, and didn’t stop. We like to call him a “miniature Great Dane”, or half-deer since he’s all legs.


Bo and his BFF Mira

A day in the life…

Bo’s favourite pastimes include chewing everything in sight, going for drives, catching his frisbee, and hanging out in the shop while I work. One of his favourite things to play with in the shop are empty paint cans; he can do this for hours!

He is also very much a “morning dog” – Bo gets up with the sun and expects the whole world to be up and moving with him. Mind you, he tends to crash again at around 10 a.m. unless something particularly exciting is going on. Hi is always ready to go for a walk, play with his “cousins” (a basset hound, a boxer-bulldog and a golden retriever lab cross), or hang out in the shop.

Bo also prides himself in being our “Vana White”, and loves participating in photoshoots for our barn door tables.¬†Once he’s sitting in place its hard to get him out of the way so you can get pictures of just the table!

Bo showing off the "Old Red' Dining table

Bo showing off the “Old Red’ Dining table

You can follow more of Bo’s adventures on our Facebook and Instagram accounts

More Photos



Goofy mug

Goofy mug


Bo can be a handsome boy when he tries


Bo’s modeling pose


Then and now…