Custom handmade Chestnut Barn Door Dining Table
Status: Custom Piece for Client

This rustic, chestnut stained barn door dining table was custom made for a client in Mississauga. The couple picked out an old whitewashed door from the stock in my workshop. the 3′ x 6′ barn door came from the Miller farm near Glen Morris Ontario. Since it was originally used on the exterior of a barn, the door has lots of texture and character that remained with the wood even after stripping, planing, and cutting down to size to fit the client’s needs. The clients were looking for a warm, darker finish; the chestnut stain really brings a richness to the original wood, and reveals all sort of little marks that give the table an authentically rustic finish. As an exterior door, the surface has lots of great weathered hinge and saw marks, and you can still see some of the original whitewash paint coming through!

After being mounted on legs made from reclaimed barn beams, and given a few layers of sturdy varnish, the 3′ x 5.5′ barn door dining table was ready for its new home in Mississauga.

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